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Jun 20 in GENERAL
Meet Your Neighbors!

Living in a new home is not so easy, especially when it comes to meeting your neighbors and adapting to the new environment surrounding you. To some meeting new neighbors may not be high on their priority list, but it'll definitely help you feel more settled both into your new home and neighborhood. To help, use these time-saving guides.

Jun 06 in GENERAL
Summer Time Preparations

Summer is just around the corner and we have tons of cleaning and preparation to do. Let's help you prepare for the summer season and its madness.

May 04 in GENERAL
Memorial Day Weekend!

With Memorial Day Weekend right around the corner, if you haven't made your plans, it's time to get started. There are different options to choose from. If you are up to travel, below is a list of Cheap Memorial Day Getaways.

Apr 12 in GENERAL
Spring and Summer Checklist

Make sure you go through this checklist for the spring and summer. It is always good to be cautious and make sure everything is perfect at your home.

Apr 10 in GENERAL
Personalize your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your own retreat and sanctuary area for comfort and relaxation. Make it your own by personalizing it to fit your lifestyle and taste. Reveal your personality and add your final touches to a room you will call your own.


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