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For listed homes, please contact our agent, Bruce Hoffman, at 425-422-5697

Sea Pac Homes Office is located at 120 SW Everett Mall Way Suite #100 Everett, WA 98204

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New Land Development Opportunities

Sea Pac Homes is always looking for new land development opportunities in the greater Snohomish and North King County area. If you plan to sell right away 
or in the near future we look forward to entertaining your questions to provide you with our best assessment of your land.

People working with Sea Pac Homes have enjoyed the high integrity and accountability our land development staff takes to each project. The decision to sell your 
land will be difficult and we understand this, Sea Pac Homes Development is committed to provide the best use for your land to benefit both you as the seller and 
Sea Pac as a local builder/developer. Please do not hesitate to contact our development team; we look forward to the opportunity!