May 30 in GENERAL
Turning Your Bathroom into Your Own Spa!

Dreaming of your own peaceful retreat where you can relax and unwind in solitude? Transform your bathroom into your personal home spa that you can come home and enjoy every day. Take a look at some different ways to rethink your bathroom and turn it into the ultimate home spa experience.

May 21 in GENERAL
Get Your Yard Ready for Summer

This cloudy, gloomy weather has got us all in the Pacific North West. I think it is time that we got some sunshine and heat. With summer almost at the door, it is a great time to get your back yard in shape for some fun activities and yumm bbq's.

May 07 in GENERAL
Mother's Day Love!

It's that special day of the year, where all the attention is on our beautiful mothers. Mothers are the purest, most loving and caring humans on this earth. They give without expecting any return, they love unconditionally and support us in any way. How can you repay such a beautiful soul?

Apr 25 in GENERAL
Tips for First Time Home Buyers

We all dream of that moment when we buy our own new home. The feeling of independence, achievement and happiness all in one. Thinking of the idea seems so easy, but it can be a very stressful process. We wanted to make things easier on you, so we want to share a list of tips that will make your experience easy and smooth.

Apr 16 in GENERAL
Dining Room Decorating

What brings family and friends together? Well, of course, food! And there is no better way to enjoy this gathering other than on the dining room table. That's why you should make sure that this area is well-decorated or redecorate it for an entirely new look is the most ideal. Decorating your dining room is really simple. There are amazing ideas like embellishing with one major piece or some minor pieces of artwork, rug, light fixture, and a centerpiece that will help you to create a unique and attractive look.